São Sebastião da Pedreira

São Sebastião da Pedreira

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The Church of Saint Sebastian, located on the site of Pedreira, was inaugurated in 1652; it keeps its Mannerist features and is essentially an exuberant example of the national Baroque, resulting from the works started in 1718. The whole interior of the church is filled with tile wainscotings with scenes from the life of the Patron, with the white painted and gilded wood carving, the set of framed paintings by Jerónimo da Silva and the stucco paintings of the ceilings. The magnificent altarpiece of the chancel presides over this ensemble. The 19th Century Last Supper by Cirilo Volkmar Machado in the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and the image of Our Lady of Health, brought from Rome in 1539, are also noteworthy.

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