Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Academia Militar)

Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Academia Militar)

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The chapel is part of the Bemposta Palace, built by order of Queen Catarina de Bragança, the wife of King Charles II of England, after becoming a widow and definitively returning to Portugal in the beginning of the 18th Century. The renovation, after the 1755 earthquake, was completed in 1793, according to the plan by Manuel Caetano de Sousa. The vestibule, with polychrome marble pavement and sculptures by José de Almeida, the paintings on the ceilings and on the side-aisle altarpieces, with a remarkable contribution by Pedro Alexandrino, and the Rococo wood carving are worth noting. In the central painting of the chancel’s altarpiece, flanked by niches with the images of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is the Patroness, worshiped by the royal family.

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