Sé Patriarcal

Sé Patriarcal

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The dedication of the mother church of the Patriarchate of Lisbon, under the invocation of Saint Mary Major (Santa Maria Maior), took place in 1147 after the reconquest of the city against the Moorish. The Cathedral shows Romanesque and Gothic style characteristics, complemented with interventions carried out in the course of centuries, notably Baroque and Neoclassical interventions, having undergone profound reintegration works in mid-20th Century. Emphasis should be given to the Romanesque façade with two towers, portico and rose window; the Bartolomeu de Joanes Gothic chapel; the irregular Gothic cloister with archaeological remains of different periods; the ambulatory with its radiating chapels; the Nativity by Machado de Castro; and other spaces like the sacristy, the Patriarch’s private room and the treasury, with a rich collection of go See more


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