São Luís dos Franceses

São Luís dos Franceses

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Founded in 1522 by the members of the Brotherhood of Blessed Saint Louis, King of France, it was a place for the resident French community in Lisbon, as it still is today, with religious services provided by the Lazarists since 1860. Completed only in 1622, the works had to be resumed to rebuild the temple destroyed in 1755. The building stands out from the canons of the national religious architecture. On the façade, the Mannerist portal with the Bourbon coat of arms stands out. Inside, the court is divided by a portico with three arches, bearing vaulted ceilings in polychrome stucco, 18th Century tile ashlars, three altars in Carrara marble, a pipe organ and diverse paintings, in particular a piece attributed to Amaro do Vale, representing Our Lady of Porto Seguro.

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