São Bartolomeu (do Beato)

São Bartolomeu (do Beato)

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The construction of the church of the ancient Convent of Our Lady of Monte Olivete, for the Barefoot Augustinians, started in 1666. In 1835, after the expulsion of the religious order, the seat of the Parish of Saint Bartholomew was transferred to this place, which existed since the 12th Century. The baroque style church shows a beautiful façade with porch and, inside, a noble altarpiece in polychrome marbles, finished by the coat of arms of Queen Luísa de Gusmão, the patroness of the convent. The gilded wood carved altarpieces of the side-aisle altars and, in the sacristy, the 17th Century tile panels portraying historical episodes are also noteworthy. The relics of the Blessed António da Conceição (1520-1602), a member of the Congregation of Secular Canons of St. John Evangelist, who died with a reputation of sanctity in the neighbo See more

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