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The Church of Santos is located on a site with a long history devoted to the Holy Martyrs of Lisbon, Veríssimo, Máxima and Júlia: a 4h Century temple existed here, and the King Afonso Henriques ordered the construction of a new chapel on the site of the ruins of the first temple; the temple was then donated by King Sancho I to the Military Order of Saint James of the Sword and was later transferred by the Order to the adjoining convent of the Comendadeiras de Santiago, who have abandoned the temple in 1490. The aspect of the current parish church results from renovations carried out during the 17th and 19th Centuries. Through its porch, access is given to the chapel where the relics of the Martyrs are kept; in the interior of the church, the ceiling of the vault of the nave is decorated with beautiful gilded panels and panels painted in brutesco; in the a See more

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