Nossa Senhora dos Mártires

Nossa Senhora dos Mártires

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This church was built straight after the reconquest of Lisbon, in 1147, on the site of a Crusaders’ cemetery – the martyrs who helped King Afonso Henriques conquer the city – for their devotion to the city’s rechristening. The church has, thus, been known as the Church of Our Lady of Martyrs, whose statue is worshipped in the chancel; the church received the titled of Basilica in the 13th Century. After the earthquake, the church was dedicated in 1784 and constitutes a true ex-libris of the rebuilding of Lisbon by the Marquis de Pombal, with Baroque and Neoclassical characteristics. Please note the altarpieces and the ceilings painted by Pedro Alexandrino, as well as the magnificent organ in the choir, by Machado e Cerveira.

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