Nossa Senhora do Rosário

Nossa Senhora do Rosário

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This church belonged to the ancient Convent of Saint Dominic of Benfica, founded in 1399. The current temple dates back from 1632, having adopted the current invocation when it became the church of the Portuguese Air Force, in 1979. With Mannerist and Baroque features, the church keeps several elements of interest, such as the Mannerist gilded wood carved double-sided altarpieces of the chancel, the magnificent tabernacle, and the two chapels of the transept; the white and blue tile panels portraying historical episodes; the paintings by André Gonçalves and Vincenzo Carducci; the tomb of João das Regras, from the first decades of the 15th Century, and the grave of Frei Luís de Sousa; there are also a few contiguous spaces, such as the relic-chapel, the chapel of São Gonçalo of Amarante, and the chapel of the Castro Family.

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