Nossa Senhora do Loreto

Nossa Senhora do Loreto

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This church hosts the Italian community in Lisbon since 1518. It was initially close to the western walls of the city. After the earthquake, the church was rebuilt in 1785. Since the church depends on the Apostolic Nuncia, the Pontifical coat of arms can be seen on top of the the portico, in a sculpture by Borromini; the sculptures of Our Lady of Loreto, Saint Peter and Saint Paul can also be seen in the frontage. Inside, we highlight the Italian marbles, the paintings in the altarpieces of side chapels and the overlooking niches, with trompe l’oeil paintings creating the illusion of statues, as well as the painting in the nave ceiling, attributed to Pedro Alexandrino. The sacristy and the 18th Century organ are also noteworthy.

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