Nossa Senhora da Porta do Céu

Nossa Senhora da Porta do Céu

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The church used to be part of the ancient Convent of Our Lady of Heaven’s Door, created by the converted Prince of Ceylon, João de Cândia, around 1632, and donated by him to the Franciscans. After the 1755 earthquake, and due to the strong connection of the Court with the Brotherhood of the church, of which the future Marquis de Pombal was the judge, the church was quickly renovated, and the works were completed in 1768. Having gone through several vicissitudes in the 19th and 20th Centuries, the church now shows the Franciscan soberness; the highlights are the portico of the main façade and, inside, the pediment of the triumphal arch, in stucco, with the representation of the Portuguese coat of arms and the key of Heaven topped by a crown and the image of the patroness, whose key used to visit the houses of every sick people.

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