Misericórdia (Óbidos)

Misericórdia (Óbidos)

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Formerly the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Legend has it that in 1498 Queen Leonor founded the Almshouse of Óbidos.

This church possesses an impressive artistic collection. It has an ancient image of the Virgin Mary in the entrance porch, in blue porcelain. Its interior is completely lined in hand-painted tiles from the last main restoration (1678). Of particular interest is the tomb of the Countess of Cavaleiros – Luíza Guerra. The wooden vault ceiling bears several painted ornaments and the Royal crown.  

In this church the old flag of the Almshouse, painted by Diogo Teixeira, in 1592, is found there. In the building we find the old almshouse hospital with the assembly room decorated in a Baroque style.

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