Museum Centre Father Formigão (House of the Apostle of Fátima)

Museum Centre Father Formigão (House of the Apostle of Fátima)

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This Museum House is a house with soul, a place where the memory of the Apostle of Fatima persists. The visitor is invited to contemplate the exhibited objects, collate facts and dates, and take part in a journey of discovery of a discrete and cultivated man, Father Manuel Nunes Formigão. It was he who accompanied the three child shepherds in the year of the apparitions of Our Lady in Cova da Iria. From September 1917, he would be, by his written and preached words, critically and coherently, the leading promoter of the Fatima event.

I. Time and Place

Formigão was born in 1883 and raised in the city of Tomar, a place of historical and artistic splendours, such as the heritage that witness the heroic presence of the friars of the Convent of Christ. When he was 12 years old, he started to attend the seminaries of the Patriarchate of L See more

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