Corpus Christi Convent

Corpus Christi Convent

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The old convent of Corpus Christi occupies the Street of Saint Nicholas (Rua de São Nicolau) between the numbers 2 and 16, the Drapers Street (Rua dos Fanqueiros) between the numbers 113 and 117, and the Gilders Street (Rua dos Douradores) between the numbers 50 and 62. 

In 1648, in this place, the King João IV, while attending the Holy Spirit Procession, suffered an assasssination attempt. The Queen, D. Luísa of Gusmão, his wife, grateful for the KIng having survived without any injury, ordered to build in this place the Corpus Christi Convent, whose administration was given to the Carmelites Friars. Destroyed in 1755, due to the great Eartquake, it was rebuild. However, in 1834, extinction date of the religious Orders, the convent was abandoned and sold by the State for residential and commercial use.  See more

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