Alter Solis | The other sun

Alter Solis | The other sun

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Alter Solis | The other sun

ALTER SOLIS is an exhibition designed and assembled by an eclectic group of contemporary jewellery artists who came together to share their light within the scope of the second Lisbon Jewellery Biennial. As parallel Suns, as a parallel event, we will address the concept of the “other”. Who's the other one? Where does the Other begin and where does the Other end? Do we inspire or antagonize each other, do we share or steal each other's sunshine? How do we compose with each other? Do we have enough sun for each other? We will show you the results of these variables, with heliotropic Lisbon in the background.

Artists: Sharareh Aghaei, Dot Melanin, Nikolaus Egger, Tatiana Giorgadse, Iris Hummer, Levani, Jishkariani, Nikita Kavryzhkin, Typhaine Le Monnier, Caio Mahin, Ullrich Reithofer, Ye Wang, Kun Zhang.

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